Allergies in Pets

Pet Allergies

Many pet owners do not realize that their pets can also have allergies. If you notice your pet is always itchy or irritated, they might be suffering from an allergy. You can bring in your pet to Pet Veterinary Clinic, located in Tyler, TX. Our clinic is led by Dr. H. Shams, DVM, Ph.D., who has over two decades of experience as a veterinarian. He is supported by a trained team of technicians.


What are pet allergies?

Apart from treatment and preventive care, at Pet Veterinary Clinic, we believe in educating our customers so they can make informed decisions about pet care. As a pet owner, it useful to recognize the symptoms of allergies, so you can bring your pet to a veterinarian. The type of allergy is going to depend on several factors including the type of pet. The allergy could be caused by certain foods, fleas, contact with other pets, environmental conditions, or other factors.  

Typical symptoms of pet allergies include excessive itchiness and irritation. The pet might be scratching leading to patchy hair loss on their body. The ears can also get infected and show redness. The body can develop hives, rashes, or other marks. The eyes can get watery or puffy and the pet might sneeze or cough excessively. There are plenty of symptoms of allergies for the owners to look for. Some more serious allergies might cause swelling around the mouth of the pet. In any case, pet allergies should be taken seriously, and you should take your pet for a checkup to an experienced and certified veterinarian.

How can a veterinarian help?

At Pet Veterinary Clinic, our team will glad to check your pet for allergy symptoms. If required, we might want to perform certain tests to diagnose the issue. As a first step, the allergy test helps diagnose the type of allergy. Depending on the diagnosis, the vet can prescribe medication for the treatment of the pet. They might want to use injectable allergy shots or oral drops. If the infection is spread to the skin, they might prescribe an infection management plan.  

Call Pet Veterinary Clinic in Tyler, TX

If you think your pet is showing any signs of allergy, do not take any chances, bring the pet to our team and we can help treat the allergy. You can book an appointment with us by giving us a call or by contacting us through our website. We carry state of the art technology for diagnosis and treatment of allergy. We also offer a full range of veterinary services including regular pet checkups, vaccinations, preventive care, nutrition consulting, and more.