Flea Control

Research has shown that pets help us to stay healthy and happy. But a pet infested with fleas is not happy. Not only are flea infestations uncomfortable, but they are also dangerous, as fleas are known to carry several diseases. Fleas may also leap from your pet’s coat and begin infesting your house.


In addition to causing discomfort to your pets, fleas have the following effects: 

  • Transmit diseases among your pets
  • May cause Flea allergy dermatitis to your pets
  • Fleas are vectors of other parasites like tapeworms 
  • Fleas cause your pets an itchy skin 

At Pet Veterinary Clinic, we have years of experience providing residents of Tyler, TX, with flea control services. Let us look at the various ways to protect your pets from flea infestation. 

How to Prevent Fleas from Attacking Your Pets 

Fleas have a very short life cycle, which means that they can multiply fast. When given a chance to breed, especially during the hot seasons, they can eventually become difficult to control. The trick is to prevent them from breeding. Here are a few ways to prevent fleas from attacking your pets:

Vacuum Your House Regularly 

Fleas lay eggs on furniture, mattresses, and other spaces in our houses. When you vacuum your living spaces and where your pets rest and sleep, you eliminate adult fleas, eggs, and larvae. Ensure that you remove the vacuum bag as soon as you finish cleaning.

Mow Your Lawn 

Fleas love hiding and multiplying in your lawn. You should therefore ensure that your lawns are free of low-hanging vegetation and spaces where your pet loves resting are mowed. 

Change Your Pet’s Bedding Regularly

Your pet's bedding and clothes can be a breeding ground for fleas. Therefore, you should change your pets' clothing and bedding regularly and wash them in hot water.

How to Tell That Your Pets Have Fleas 

There are two significant signs of a flea-infested pet: 

  • The Pet Keeps Scratching and Chewing on its Skin: Flea bites irritate your pet's skin, and your pet may continuously scratch on the bites in an attempt to soothe them. The scratching and biting can lead to hair loss and bruised skin. 
  • Presence of Flea Dirt on Your Pet’s Skin: Flea dirt is flea feces. These are black drops that may seem like dirt but will turn red if put on a wet surface. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Tyler, TX for Flea Control

Do you suspect that your pet is infested with fleas? The professionals at Pet Veterinary Clinic are ready to assist you. We will treat your pet’s flea infestation and do what we can to prevent another one from ever occurring. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (903) 630-7385.