Yearly wellness exam is an important practice to keep your pets healthy and happy. Annual visit to our clinic for having core vaccines and annual tests saves you unnecessary costs on preventable diseases.


We offer microchipping with a lifetime registration. No monthly/yearly costs!


Our goal is to offer affordable core vaccines to all dogs and cats. It's important to keep your pets' vaccination up to date with yearly check ups.


Spaying or neutering your pets keeps them happy and healthy. Full pre-operation blood work is carried out prior to surgeries. Our state-of-the art surgical unit is equipped with inhalation anesthesia units and advanced monitoring syatem to minimize the risk of anesthesia.


We have onsite grooming and bathing with competitve pricing on Saturdays. Bathing, nail trimming, anal glands expression and ear cleaning are offered everyday.


Dental care is very important to our pet's health. Our yearly cleaning program along with common maintainance (such as dental treats and teeth brushings) will provide a healthy life span to our dogs and cats. Full blood work, well-monitored anesthesia, our most up-to-date equipment and caring and best trained staff are the pillars of our dental care that treat and prevent several serious health issues.


We offer executive boarding for your dogs and cats. Call us or come in for a tour of our facility!


Veterinary laser is widely used for a variety of painful conditions and offers pain relief and reduces healing times. We are a leading prectice in laser therapy technology and utilize laser therapy for pain management, chronic skin conditions and wound healing. It allows our practice to offer a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatment option to our patients. Laser treatments can be customized to fit each patient's needs.